How To Win Fee Cosmetic Surgery – Is It Possible?
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How To Win Fee Cosmetic Surgery – Is It Possible?


Did you want to win free cosmetic surgery? Who wouldn't, right? Does it sound like an impossibility, like something that you'd get spammed about, but doesn't really exist? If you're in the military, free cosmetic surgery for you is a possibility. But for the common man? The average woman? You might be surprised to learn that now there really are companies offering contests or deals where customers can win free cosmetic surgery.

Who Offers Free Cosmetic Surgery?

The key is in the last sentence in the paragraph above: They offer these deals to their “customers”. In other words, it isn't likely you will click on an ad online or walk in the door and get offered a chance to win free cosmetic surgery. It just doesn't happen that way. There has to be some catch, some gimmick, some way to get you in the door – or to click on their link. Once they've committed you to your non-free cosmetic surgery you didn't win, then they might sweeten the pot by adding in extra bonuses.

How Would It Happen?

Let's take a walk through a typical scenario: You walk into a cosmetic surgery office – or you click on their link online and fill out forms so they can contact you. They do, and you begin a conversation with them (in person or online) about the cosmetic surgery that you think you'd like to get. Let's say you want a tummy tuck. (Wouldn't many of us want a tummy tuck before bikini summer?) So you decide you'll get a tummy tuck. You can afford the tummy tuck. But you're really wanting to get even slimmer. The cosmetic surgery office sees the gleam in your eyes, and know they might be able to turn you into even more of a customer than you've already committed to be - mentally, if not yet signed on the dotted line.

Next thing you know, you're learning about how beneficial it is to slim down those love handles or extra bit of thigh while you're already under the knife (so to speak). They're telling you how it makes sense to do it all at once, and, if you're lucky – which,of course, it turns out you are (surprise, surprise!) if you agree to have the love handle removal, they'll also take out your extra baggage on your thighs for free! There – did you win free cosmetic surgery? Yes, in a sense, but it's gonna cost you. You didn't know it, but the love handle removal which normally costs “X” to customers, will be “2X” for you. Or at least “1.5X” to cover their costs of doing the removal of those thighs. Free? Or not free?

You be the judge.

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